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Cabinet Doors

From traditional to creative, you get almost unlimited design choices in unfinished cabinet doors. Browse our basic door styles above, then customize by choosing from a wide range of panels, frames and edge profiles.

Our cabinet doors, available in many species, are engineered and built to the highest quality standards. We offer three types of door construction: Standard Coped, Mitered, and Mitered Bead. All three feature mortise and tenon joinery.

Door Construction

Our cabinet doors are available in three types of door construction: Standard Coped, Mitered, and Mitered Bead. All three feature mortise and tenon joinery.

Coped, Mortise & Tenon Joint (100 Style Doors)
The Coped, Mortise & Tenon 100 Style Door is our most commonly used style of door. We offer a wide selection of profiles which may be used with this style of door. The Cope Joint is simply a reverse cut of the Frame Profile on the ends of the cross pieces with a hidden Mortise & Tenon. This gives you a strong yet very cost efficient way of building a door.

With the 100 Style Door the profile may not exceed 3/8" from edge of frame.Standard frame size for 100 Style Doors include 2-1/4" uprights with 2-3/4" cross pieces. However, for a modest surcharge, you may specify these widths to your preferences. This type of construction is used for Door Style 100 through Door Style 189.

Full Miter Joint (190 Style Doors)
The Full Miter 190 Style Doors are the choice for anyone who likes to see more profile on their door frame. This style of frame is also constructed with hidden Mortise & Tenon joinery. With our precise CNC machining this allows for a very accurate and durable miter joint. The 190 Style Frame must have equal width uprights and cross pieces.

Miter Bead Joint (191 Style Doors)
The Miter Bead 191 Style Doors are uniquely styled doors which provide the best of both worlds. This style of door allows you to have more profile than the Coped 100 Style Door, but with only the profile being mitered you do not get the Full Miter 190 Style Door appearance. CNC machined with hidden Mortise & Tenon construction for maximum strength and durability, the Miter Bead 191 Style Door allows for up to 1" of profile on the frame. Frame width is selected by customer.

Element 5 - 2a Coped

Coped Joint

Element 5 - 2b Mitered

Mitered Joint

Element 5 - 2c Mitered Bead

Mitered Bead Joint

Element 3A

Compression Spacers

To keep floating panels centered and prevent rattling, we use compression spacers. These rubber balls are used to minimize the effects of expansion and contraction of the panels.